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Who We Are And What We Do

We are an informal group of artists, educators, geologists and region enthusiasts living in the Katshava Mountains and their Foothills. Almost all of us come from the outside the region and the Katshava Mountains are our new home.
The history of each of us is a little different and different paths have led us to this beautiful corner of Poland, but none of us wants to look for a new place any more.

The list below is alphabetical and growing...
If you want to join us and conduct workshops or become a partner (WE support you and YOU support us), write to us.

(We are open to anyone who loves the Land of Extinct Volcanoes)

Agnieszka Gil


I started my adventure with yoga according to B.K.S. Iyengar's method in 1996. Since then, yoga has been constantly present in my life. It helps me to live in harmony with myself and with the environment. In 2000, I gave up my life in the city and settled in Dobkow - a small village in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes at the foot of the Katshava Mountains. Here, I single-mindedly and consistently create my life. Here, I created the Yoga and Ceramics Studio, where I create and design artistic and utility ceramics, and I teach yoga, ceramics and strategy for the joy of life.
I also enthused other inhabitants of my village with my passion for ceramics, which resulted in the creation of three more studios in Dobkow, and then the Ecomuseum of Crafts.
I completed a yoga instructor course at the Higher School of Sports Education. I continuously learn and improve my practice and my instructor skills with the best teachers such as: Robert Spica, Roman Grzeszykowski, Jerzy Jagódzki. I explore the secrets of relaxation and meditation. I combine yoga with different paths of development and creative creation of the joy of life. I want to enthuse others with my energy and passion. Each student is important to me, I approach each person individually, because each body is different and each person gets rid of the blocks and limitations at their own pace.
Joanna Łuczaj and Krzysztof Dziąg


Agrohippika is our place on Earth that we have been creating for more than 10 years. The heart of our several-hectare farm is a nineteenth-century house. During the renovation, we tried to take care of every detail, to preserve the original layout of the house as well as to highlight the natural materials from which our house was built, i.e. brick, stone and wood.

Around the house, there is a lot of space with a playground for children, a place for bonfire, a pond, a gazebo and a hammock place.

For those who like peace and nature, we have also prepared an area of 10 thousand square meters near the house for outdoor activities. It is a meadow partially overgrown with trees along a picturesque stream that borders directly with the forest complex with an area of 30 hectares and is a planned reserve of the Chełmy Landscape Park.

In addition to conducting agritourism, we also breed Oldenburg horses, which successfully participate in sports competitions in Poland and abroad.

Krzysia Walkiewicz


I am a certified theatrical and film makeup artist, leisure time animator, personal stylist and image creator. I have worked for the Comedy Theatre in Wrocław, the Wrocław Opera and the C. K. Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra. After the theatre, time for the next step -television - has come. I'm currently working for ATM group on the First Love series.
I chose my profession out of passion. The gleam of joy in the customer's eye and the smile on their face motivates me every day.

I've helped a lot of people regain their confidence and change their lives for the better.
Happiness begins with change.
Julia Kramarz


Tel.: 733 300 638

I am Julia and I have completed my postgraduate studies - Brewing Technology at the University of Natural Sciences in Wrocław.

The mini brewery in Stara Kraśnica is my workshop offer for adults which consists in demonstration beer brewing and its tasting in accordance with the philosophy of brewing by craft methods on natural malts.

The workshops are dedicated to individuals and groups organised in such a way that the process of beer production demonstration was as demonstrative as possible.

Monika Wizła-Kubiak, Joanna Wojtko, Andrzej Andrzejewski


Tel.: 691 207 224

Chrośnica, the village of colourful threads is a unique place where unusual stories dating back to the 12th century intertwine among the Katshava Hills. It was in this place that the idea of creating a place - Ecomuseum of Weaving and Natural Dyeing– arose.

The Ecomuseum has a rich collection of relics such as: old tools related to the cultivation and processing of flax, natural dyeing, handicraft tools related to weaving, documents, chronicles, photographs telling about the history of our village and the region. It is primarily a "living" creative and educational space, where we discover colourful threads and share them, creating unique things and moments.

You are invited to the world of colourful threads by: Monika Wizła-Kubiak – natural dyeing and flax enthusiast, co-founder of Ecomuseum of Weaving and Natural Dyeing. Joanna Wojtko – animator and educator, the originator of the "Bookcase". Andrzej Andrzejewski – artist, painter and sculptor, co-founder of Ecomuseum of Weaving and Natural Dyeing.

Marzena Szkutnik


Tel.: 665 100 908

The oldest records of our village date back to the 14th century, since the beginning of its existence it was associated with the stone industry. Here is one of the oldest quarries in Poland, which is more than 500 years old. When visiting the village, you can see numerous building erected from the local aggregates, there is also a gravel pit. On the basis of the natural resources which occur here, a thematic village was created - the Village of Sand and Stone. Our offer includes workshops, which are willingly attended by school trips, and study visits.

Our staff includes guides and leisure time animators. Most activities are held outdoors. With us, there is no time for boredom…

So... have a sand-stone adventure with us and go back 100 million years, when our whole area was covered by a shallow, warm Cretaceous sea, inhabited by numerous clams, shrimps and starfish...

Ania i Robb Maciągowie


Maciąg etnowarsztaty karkonosze
Tel.: 785 881 311,

We are Ania and Robert. We conduct a series of ethnographic workshops in the Katshava Mountains. They cover Asia, Africa, Europe and the architecture of the Katshava Mountains.

We have been conducting ethnographic workshops since 2011, when, after a second, long cycling trip (this time to China), we finally left our full-time job, came to the Katshava Mountains and engaged in education. We conduct workshops to help our children understand the world better. So that they are not afraid of otherness. And over time - so that they do not even notice it.

We love coffee with cardamom and homemade bread baked on cast iron.

Marzena Szkutnik, Sławomir Kosz, Kamil Kindler


1 geotrip
Tel.: 606 800 333

GeoTrip is created by passionate people. For us, organizing leisure time, sightseeing tours around the Land of Extinct Volcanoes is not only a job, but also a hobby.

We'll take you on a geological expedition through the Land of Extinct Volcanoes in the off-road style. We will visit extinct volcanoes, go on a journey in search of the treasures of the Earth and for a walk on the bottom of the Cretaceous sea.

We try to enthuse others with our passion for mountains, nature and to explore the treasures of nature located in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes!

Joanna i Jacek Kramarzowie


Gościniec Pod Gruszą is a family guesthouse in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

Gościniec gives you a chance to stay in a place where we managed to preserve the atmosphere of the past time and give a little luxury enclosed in the old form.

Our "old-timer" is from 1845, according to the date that we discovered on the entrance portal during the renovation, and is quite well. We still have more than less in the subject of adaptation, but after 5 years of struggle we managed to create something that our guests admire, and we are grateful you for it.

Come to us for a lazy pear, for a rest in the Katshava Foothills, for new impressions and unique attractions.

Sławomir Kosz


Chmielarz - 1
Tel.: 505 313 560

Pensjonat pod Chmielarzem is located in the Katshava Mountains - in a small, picturesque town of Wojcieszów. In our immediate vicinity, there are forests, mountains, hiking and bike trails (including singletracks).

The guesthouse windows overlook the nearby peaks – Polom, Skopiec, Chmielarz, Dłużek or Gruszka quarry. Guests of the guesthouse have at their disposal 2-4 bedded rooms, decorated in a modern style, and a well-equipped kitchen where guests may prepare their own meals. There is a SPA Village next to the guesthouse, which offers: Finnish sauna, IR sauna, salt grotto and a hot barrel/banya with a wood-burning stove, as well as a barbecue hut.

Agata Kowal


It was supposed to be a green piece of land outside the city... We dreamed of a wooden cottage overlooking the mountains…

And dreams come TRUE.
Have we discovered it on the map? Kowalowe Skały? Me - Agata Kowal (which in Polish means "blacksmith") and my husband - a grandson of a blacksmith. Is that a coincidence? The meadow, previously inhabited by the deer, was a perfect place to build a house and a whole farm.


Młyn Wielisław is located at the foot of the Wielisławka Mountain near the Wielisławka Organ Pipes. We offer you comfortable accommodation in a historic atmospheric building of a former watermill using a turbine powered by water from the Katshava River.
Currently, the river drives a small hydroelectric power station (SHP), which can also be seen.
Młyn directly overlooks the Wielisławka Mountain, in which the treasures of Wrocław (bank deposits taken away from Wrocław by trucks at the end of World War II) are supposedly hidden, and numerous tunnels and adits lead to those treasures. And the rumours have it that the entrance to them is located somewhere near our mill :-)
At the top of the mountain, there are the ruins of the former castle of the robber knight Wielikoslaw, as well as the ruins of the former chalet and inn, where local residents used to meet until the 1950s.
Martyna Durachta-Olszowa


I have been preparing gingerbreads for over 10 years, it is my passion and way of life.
More than five years ago, I opened a gingerbread bakery, which is located in Wilków.

You can not only stock up on gingerbreads there, but also see how they are created from scratch.

Piotr Sarul


Diana and Rafał Jakubowscy


Diana i Rafał-2
Tel.: 787 061 567

We are cultural experts, publicists, educators and regionalists. We also engage in historic re-enactment. We come from the Sudetes and Silesia, we have been living in the Katshava Foothills for 10 years.

We are engaged in natural and historical education, research and publishing books on history, religious studies and ethnology. The theme of our work is the material and spiritual culture of the Slavs.

We published a book entitled "Wierzenia Słowian i Indoariów. Rekonstrukcja utraconych tradycji” (in English: "Beliefs of the Slavs and Indo-Aryans. Reconstruction of lost traditions").

Dana and Darek

House of Creative Meetings "Bird Valley"

Ptasia Dolina
Tel.: 500 090 561

House of Creative Meetings Bird Valley (in Polish “Ptasia Dolina”) is a place for naturalists, farmers, artists and families to meet and exchange experiences. With respect to the Earth.

We offer: accommodation in 1-2-3-4-person rooms and in a common room on mattresses. Showers and toilets outside. There is also an independent space with a bathroom and a kitchenette, as well as sleeping places available for our guests.

We offer workshops on deep ecology, nature classes, creation of natural gardens and collection and storage of seeds.

Anna Tomczyk


I'm a girl from "the foot of Wielisławka Mountain". I owe my upbringing to my grandmother and grandfather, who gave me the greatest truths of life. I see the world around me now through their eyes. They taught me to love and respect people, animals and the land I live on. Although I went to Wrocław for 20 years, where I studied and worked, met my husband and had a daughter, I never really left the Katshava Mountains.

When the time has come to return, I knew that this was the right place to do my dream job related to my artistic skills.

Paraffin wax allows for very creative work. You can make candles with a fancy look, model it in your hands, give the dream shapes. By combining it with dry plants, fruits, wood, you can get a unique candle.

Jaga Wojtko


jaga wojtko - szafa z książkami
Tel.: 728 418 699

Apparently, there is such a relation - when a person likes reading, they read everywhere. Even on the hiking trail :)

In the valley of the Lipka stream (Chrośnica Stream) between the Northern Ridge and the Southern Ridge, there is a picturesque village - Chrośnica. This is the right place to create a public Bookcase.

The Bookcase is available for residents of Chrośnica (Chrośnica - the village of colourful threads - search on FB), guests and tourists. Books can be read on the spot, borrowed (without registration - you take and read where and when you want). It is great when they come back (both books and readers), great when new ones appear. The Bookcase is an informal initiative, but it works, with a smile and thanks to smiles from many sides.

Marcin Kucharski


Our agritourist winery is an over one hundred year old homestead, located in the Katshava Foothills in the village of Sokołowiec - a protected area under the Natura 2000 programme.

Fascinated by the beauty of the area and the richness of nature, we decided to settle here permanently at the end of 2006.

In the following years, we started to adapt and renovate the ruined homestead for agritourism purposes and started planting in the vineyard.

Pati Dubiel


Versus studio & art gallery is dedicated to the work of the famous Wrocław glass artist and co-creator of the place - Pati Dubiel, whose works stand out from the creations of other artists specialising in this technique.

Like the volcanoes in the land of which the gallery is located, Patrycja's works explode with colour and eroticism. Like solidified lava, they surprise with their shape.

Like the mines that once operated in the Katshava Foothills, they bring to light difficult topics, and often these are such content that are considered taboo in the society.

Marta i Maciej Zawieruchowie


Tel: 693 476 994 (Marta), 606 571 682 (Maciek),


People in the old days prepared medicines, cosmetics and cleaning products on their own. Currently, for convenience, we buy everything in drugstores, markets and shops. In the mass production of cosmetics or cleaning products, as in the case of food, the use of substances harmful to our health is still allowed.

Together we decided to recreate the forgotten traditions associated with folk and natural medicine as well as herbalism. We want to remind you of laboratorians, folk healers, herbalists, oil and herb sellers and many other old professions related to folk medicine, not forgetting about family traditions. We teach how to make the simplest preparations with healing, cosmetic or cleansing properties.

All this is dressed in interactive educational forms adjusted to the age of the participants.

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